Pre-planning your funeral is one of the most considerate ways you can ease the emotional and financial concerns of your surviving family members. Pre-planning your funeral arrangements allows you to share feelings about various aspects of funeral services and inform others of your personal preferences. It provides an opportunity to put all your affairs in order in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


Summerton Funeral Home, LLC is a licensed pre-need provider. We provide these services free of charge. One of our trained pre-need consultants will guide you through the process of pre-planning a funeral service either in our office or in your home.


The added bonus is that there are no up-front fees associated with creating a Pre-Need Funeral Account. Various options for funding a funeral will be explained to you in detail. More importantly, pre-need funeral arrangements are inflation proof. In other words, you lock in the cost of the funeral services at today’s prices.



Experience comfort in knowing that you have planned ahead and your surviving loved ones only have to carry out your wishes.